ETP Network Hosts Don Gabor April 29, 2009

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Special Guest: Don Gabor, Author of
"How to Start a Conversation and Make Friends" and "Turn Small Talk into Big Deals"
About Don Gabor
Don trains executives, managers and staff on how to work more effectively with coworkers and clients. He is the author of the bestseller, How to Start a Conversation and Make Friends, (Fireside/Simon & Schuster) and ten other books and tapes on interpersonal communication skills.

Don has been writing books and offering communication programs since 1980. His clients include Korin Japanese Trading Corp. Marriott Hotels, Shearman & Sterling LLP, Standard & Poors, Time Inc., Viacom and many others.

Don was a spokesperson for Sprint and Frito-Lay, and is a frequent media guest with over 1000 print, radio and television placements, including "60 Minutes with Andy Rooney." The New Yorker called Don, "a gifted conversationalist." He has been a member of the National Speakers Association since 1991. He founded his company Conversation Arts Media in 1991.

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