Expand Your Networking Sphere of Influence

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Wherever you live, work or play, other parts of the world are closer than you think. The Charlotte Networking Group (CNG) proves it. CNG membership is different than any local group you will join in the Charlotte, NC area. When you join the CNG you immediately become part of a much larger global network called Empowering Today's Professionals (ETP) Network. You don't become part of just the 1,100+ members of the ETP Network, you can potentially be connected to over 9 million people around the world. .

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Your FREE CNG Membership allows you to be a networking leader as the central rainmaker of your network.

Below is a small example of your FREE CNG Membership sphere of influence, which can be leveraged by your family, friends and business associates.

Washington, D. C.
Los Angeles <------Your Family ---> China
Manila, Philippines <--
YOU ----> New York
Seattle, WA <---- Your Friends ---> New Jersey
Miami, FL

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