20 Job-Hunting Tips for the 'Older' Worker

Let’s face it, when 50-something workers get laid off, it is harder for them to find new jobs. If this is you, it may be time to consider these tips:

1. Expand to new industries and fields. Think: transferable skills.

2. Get on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and any social media pertinent to your field.

3. Don’t turn up your nose at internships.

4. Ditto for entry-level positions.

5. If you’re still wearing “big” glasses, please get yourself a pair of stylish frames.

6. Same for clothes. They should fit well, flatter your figure, and be up to date.

7. You don’t need to dye your hair, but consider a hipper style and cut.

8. Lose weight, workout, get fit -- exude energy.

9. Update your skill set.

10. Consider relocating.

11. Consider offering to work hours that younger workers with families won’t/can’t work.

12. Remember your selling points: great work ethic, breadth of experience, stability.

13. Resume tip: You don’t have to list every job you’ve ever had, just the last 15 years or so.

14. Resume tip: You don’t have to include the year you graduated from college.

15. Resume tip: Learn how to format the document for online submission and scanning.

16. Interview tip: Avoid discussing subjects that date you (e.g., the Vietnam War, Watergate).

17. Interview tip: Demonstrate flexibility and openmindedness.

18. Interview tip: The hiring manager may be younger than you. Don’t treat him or her like a kid.

19. You may be angry at having to hunt for a job. Don’t show it.

20. Some companies actually prefer older workers. Find them. Good luck!

Info provided by Karen Burns, US Money Magazine

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  1. The older workers and the fresh graduates are usually the ones who are always stressed out when they are looking for jobs. There are some job finder tips that are for you so don't be worried.