The Men of The Hour

On April 29, 2010... Charlotte ETP Network had the pleasure of having two Great Guest Speakers, Mr. Carl E. Reid Founder, CEO and President of a successful technology consulting firm NetTECH Systems. Mr. Reid is publisher of the Library of Congress recognized newsletter blog "Savvy Intrapreneur" and is engaged by companies as a professional blogger and social media consultant, as well as COO of ETP Network.

Our Guest Speaker for the evening was Mr. Rod Colon Empowering Today's Professionals (ETP) Network Founder and CEO Rod Colón, and Author of Win the Race for 21st Century Jobs: Put CEO Power Into Your Job Search and Your Career.

A good time was had by all as the ETP Charlotte networking meeting. It went off with great success the attendees were intrigue by both Carl and Rod’s backgrounds as well as their enthusiasm for leadership.

The group’s responses to both Carl and Rod were as if they were eating up their knowledge of valuable information. Their energetic speaking style not only motivated the group but provided them with the ability to feel apart of a wonderful team. Rod made the meeting feel as if it was just a regular family gathering. The group had many questions pertaining to the CEO of Me, Inc.

Rod's also pointed out the need to grasp, master and integrate four critical skills:

1. Exceptionally effective networking
2. Thinking and acting like the CEO of a large corporation
3. Developing a bulletproof value proposition to make you as attractive as possible to decision-makers
4. Expertise at following a precisely-targeted 7-step job search methodology that leads you directly to an interview

Rod and Carl both provided us with creativity, leadership, teamwork and knowledgeable information this held the group’s attention and kept us involved throughout the evenings event.

We had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Carl & Rod on a one on one bases. The training and the coaching that these two men of the hour provided us with was an experience that no one could have imagined unless they were in ear shot.

We had the opportunity to network after the meeting was over with the rest of the attendees. While Rod autographed his book Win The Race for 21st Century Jobs. We also had a drawing for Rod’s book and the winner was Ivy Sanchez.

I would like to thank all the attendees for coming out and spending the evening at this great networking event. Look forward to seeing everyone and out next monthly event.

I would especially like to thank Weeping Willow AME Church, for allowing Charlotte ETP Networking Group to be able to utilize the fellowship hall for our monthly meetings.

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