Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone by Chip Hartman

To all …

Not long ago I had lunch with ETP Network COO Carl Reid. During our conversation, Carl shared his thoughts on the importance of stepping outside your comfort zone in order to make progress in any endeavor. Long after Carl left, the message reverberated in my brain and it does so today still.

Because I believe this principle may be far more relevant to ETP Network members than first recognized, I will soon be writing an article about the various ways in which job seekers are giving new attention to this axiom in order to break free of their comfort zones and make true progress.

Then I had a better idea. Why not invite ETP Network members to submit their own stories about how they willingly abandoned the comfort of the familiar to embrace the challenges of the unfamiliar? It sounded like a good idea, so …

If you are interested in being “profiled” in the upcoming article, please send me a paragraph or two summarizing what you did to escape the dead-end tug of your comfort zone. Please be sure to answer the following questions in your write-up:

1. What did your comfort zone consist of? (What kind of a rut were you in?)

2. What did you do to “break free” of it? (What obstacles did you overcome?)

3. Were you successful? If so, can you positively link the success to your courage in confronting the unfamiliar?

4. Did you learn anything about your capabilities as a result of your experience?

If interested, please send me an e-mail message with your story. By sending the story, you will be giving me permission to use it as part of the article and allowing me to edit your words.

I must receive your e-mail message by Mon., June 21 in order to include your story in the article.

Thanks for your interest.

Best regards,

Chip Hartman
ETP Network, Editor-in-Chief

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