The Back Story on the CEO of ME, Inc. and the ETP Network

When I was a Human Resources recruiter at J. P. Morgan, I became fascinated with the success rate achieved by recruiting agencies. They always had a sharp eye for talent and a good understanding of what the client wanted. This didn’t really surprise me — after all, it's what made them good business owners. In addition, they asked great questions, and when they submitted a proposal (i.e., a resume) for a client, it was dead on. But what I really wanted to know was what made them so outstanding at their work.

I used to visit these agencies and talk with people at their desks in an attempt to learn from them. They gave me an almost exclusive look at what went on behind the scenes. I quickly saw that the agency had clear-cut business divisions, e.g., R & D, Sales & Marketing, etc… and they were executing daily operations just like a well-managed company.

I began to ask myself: If this successful business model worked so well for recruiting agencies, what would happen if we adapted it for individuals? Could it work? This is how I came up with the idea of combining good, solid networking skills, a CEO of ME, Inc. mind set, the development of a powerful value proposition and integrating all three of them into a logically-sequenced job search methodology. This power combination was the first step in giving my methodology the “teeth” it needed to put The Black Hole out of business.

By requiring ETP Network members to be accountable to their Personal Board of Directors, they must confront and resolve whatever conflict might exist between “low road negative thinking” and the “high road well-being of their own families.” When you realize that you’re making smart, solid and informed decisions that are in the best interests of your family, a whole spectrum of possibilities opens up. You’re doing the right thing — and you know it!

Best wishes and keep networking alive,

Rod Colón,
Chief Executive Officer

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