The Black Hole of Job Search

Most people think this is where your resume goes when you apply for a job. While that’s true, I’m actually referring to the black hole most people become when they become job seekers.I see so many people ‘become’ job seekers. They do what they are told even if it’s bad advice. They do it because no one tells them this is bad advice. People who never had to look for a job will tell you all the things you should do. And they say it with such certainty and authority that most people believe them.

For example, notice how people do stuff they wouldn’t do if they weren’t a job seeker. Did you have an elevator speech or ask for informational interviews when you were employed full time?

Compare this to when you had work, you had something to focus on other than yourself, you were ‘too busy’ to network, to attend job fairs or job clubs. You didn’t have an elevator speech, because your work didn’t require you to have one. Fix this by focusing on something and someone other than yourself. Have a bigger purpose and mission than just yourself. I tell people to start caring about someone and something other than their job search. This might mean charity events or volunteering, but it could also be sharing your knowledge as a speaker at your industry trade association monthly meeting.

If you know how to solve problems then start helping the people you want to work for right now. You don’t need a job to start helping them. Adopt your new company as your cause. What this will create is the attraction factor. People will want to talk to you, because you have a way to help them. In short, you won’t be seen as a job seeker, but a problem solver.

Written by Ahill

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