Charlotte Networking Group Event

You are cordially invited to an evening of Networking...

Exchange information about career or business opportunities and have fun doing it!

Presented By Empowering Today's Professionals (ETP) Network and Gala Affairs By AtUrBest

Host: Amanda Sherman, CEO of Gala Affairs By AtUrBest
Location Sponsor: Weeping Willow Fellowship Hall
Location: 2220 Milton Road, Charlotte, NC 28215
Cost: Free
Date/Time: Thursday, November 19, 2009 , 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

* If you are looking for a position, business opportunities or eager to keep your career alive and well by continually staying abreast of what's happening, this is the meeting for you!

What you will gain from participation at this meeting:

* Increased exposure to other successful professionals
* New and helpful knowledge
* Learn how ETP Network is helping many people land jobs and business opportunities quicker.

You will be most effective at networking if you are prepared with the following:
1) Your "30-second introduction" and how you are a "solution" to someone's problems -
"How Can I help you?"
2) Business Cards

Networking is o your career as breathing is to living: you won't make it without either!

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