Yes, There is a Short-Cut to Success

Untapped Strategies for Success in Today's Market
By Linda Zander

"Desperate times require desperate measures" I overheard someone
say the other day. I was standing in line to order my late
afternoon Latte at a well-known coffee establishment and the
buzz in the room wasn't from the caffeine, it was from the
customer chat. They were expressing their feelings of being
down and out; hopeless of ever getting back what they've lost or
of ever achieving what they were hoping to achieve; waiting for
times to change before they would dare to decide what they
should do next and their belief that there were no opportunities
in existence anymore.

I wanted to shout out to infuse them with faith, hope and
confidence by sharing the silver bullet knowledge that I have:
that all the prosperity, success and well-being they seek is
already in and among them, ripe and ready for them to pick up
just as they picked up their Java to go.

Just as a great cup of Joe or green tea jump starts your energy,
these proven strategies will not only start your success engine,
it will provide the short access road to lasting success. But,
before you can turn right on to the Shortcut ROAD TO SUCCESS
just ahead; you must get off the Long Route that leads you to
uncharted territories of uncertainty, delayed outcomes and
unsustainability. Let's take a look at the warning signs that
let you know you are on the Long Road:

1. Doing anything just so you are doing something.
2. Waiting to take action steps until times get "better".
3. Putting all your eggs in one basket. Such as, only pursuing
the thing that you have always done in the past believing that
you can't do anything else and succeed.
4. Not seeking advancement beyond your last position in today's
current market conditions believing that it just isn't realistic.
5. Taking anything that comes your way because that's the best
that anyone can hope for right now.

All the above represent some of the most common strategic
pitfalls that can undermine your success during turbulent times.
These attitudes and behaviors are within your power to change.
Changing them will take you out of situations that will delay
your successful outcomes and that create conditions that will
not fulfill your need for security and well being. And, without
security and well being, any initial success that you may create
from this place of fear, will become unsustainable.

Here are the strategies that do work in every market condition
and are imperative to staying on the Short Road to Success
especially in Today's market:

1. USING DISCERNMENT: be conscious of where and how you are
spending your energy and in the choices, actions and decisions
that you make. Here is the truth: The key to obtaining
sustainable success is in understanding and practicing Zander's
principle of: Positive Energy Ratio Exchange meaning that for
every energy output there must be a greater return of energy.
Unless you are doing philanthropy, the return of energy must be
monetized according to a value evaluation that makes sense for
your greater expansion and growth. If not, then you are
creating a flat and unsustainable wealth and well-being economy
for yourself.

2. HAVING A HEALTHY SENSE OF DETACHMENT: be courageous in your willingness to release or redefine people, places and things
that do not represent; present or provide advantage to moving you
into a successful new environment of growth and expansion.

3. KEEPING UP MOMENTUM: Persistence is always the winner. Do
not allow yourself to rationalize a non-action state of being
because "times are slow". Keep putting one foot in front of the
other. There is always a next best action step to take in every
circumstance and situation that will give birth to new

4. CREATE DIVERSITY: Do take the time to take personal
inventory on all the wonderful abilities, gifts and talents that
you have. Then create a multi-tiered (I call it a Success
Ladder) strategy to showcase your talents in many different
industries, forms or outlets for the unleashing of that
entrepreneur residing inside you.

5. DO WHAT FEELS GOOD TO DO: Do the things that bring you a
sense of enthusiasm, excitement, joy and inspire you to go on to
greater and greater horizons. If you chose otherwise, be
realistic that what you are creating won't provide you with the
sustainable wealth and well-being that you ultimately desire to

"The person who gets the farthest is generally the one who is
willing to do and dare. The sure-thing boat never gets far from
-Dale Carnegie

Linda Zander, well-known as the "SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS COACH" is
an accomplished entrepreneur and speaker. To obtain her
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