What Is Networking?

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In a recent conversation with a coaching client, they asked me about my networking style/practice. I shared the following from the book Networking Magic authored by Rick Frishman and Jill Lublin. This has been the basis of my approach to networking for many years. Enjoy …

What Is Networking?

(Rick Frishman and Jill Lublin)

Networking Magic – 2004 – Adams Media

Networking is the process of building and maintaining relationships. It’s the development of a team that will support your efforts and the efforts of your network teammates to reach your respective goals. The object is to build the best possible team.

Networking is about forging bonds and sharing. It’s connecting with people who have common interests and objectives and generously give to one another. Networking extends into every aspect of your life; it’s something you’ve been doing all of your life without realizing it. When you recommend a movie, a doctor, real estate agent or a personal trainer, you’re networking.

The object of networking should not be simply to make contacts; it should be to make the best possible contacts! Naturally, what constitutes “the best” is subjective and will vary with the individuals and the circumstances involved. However, seeking the best should always be your objective!

Goodwill is the foundation for making great contacts; it supports and underlies all of your networking efforts. To successfully network with the best you must constantly create goodwill and then build upon that goodwill to forge bonds that develop into close, meaningful relationships.

Implicit in networking is the understanding that there will be a giving back, an exchange, “if you do for me, I’ll do for you.” This unspoken swap of mutual promises underlies networks and keeps them together. Ironically, however, the best networkers are those who give to others because they sincerely love to give and not because they hope to receive something in return. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to give; even the most giving and generous networkers will eventually stop giving when they repeatedly receive nothing in return.

Networks are not built overnight. They take time, patience, and nurturing. It will also take time to discover what your network partners need and to continually try to find opportunities to fully satisfy those needs.

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