My Career -- Am I on an Emotional Rollercoaster?By Amanda Sherman, ETP Charlotte Network Group

For several years I have been on an emotional rollercoaster on what my career is supposed to be. Have I really grown up yet? What do I want to be when I grow up? What is my passion? Am I on an emotional rollercoaster? What is the best career choice for me?

I am looking to be an Entrepreneur - Can I start my own business? What kind of training do I need? Will I be successful? Looking back on my family tree I noticed that my grandparents were business pioneers, my great grandparents owned their own businesses – so should I follow my heritage?

So, I decided that I would get off of this emotional rollercoaster. Yes, I am making a run for it. I fled the corporate world; I sat in that seat for almost 20 years. The corporate world was glamorous and paid well but I was tired. I no longer want to listen to the manager who is 25 years old, the lead who is 18 years old tell me – ―Oh, oh, I need you stay and finish this last report that was due two days ago.‖ Nope, not anymore, I am not getting back on the rollercoaster. I do not want to get a ticket at this fair anymore.

Yes, I am free! It is kind of ironic because now that I am no longer on that emotional rollercoaster in the corporate world. I am back at the fair purchasing another ticket to get on the rollercoaster of my choice. The difference is I will enjoy the ride. I have turned my ‗6x10‘ space dining area into my office. (Hey the kids are gone no more sit down dinners). Entertaining with friends and family has moved to the living room. Now, I have created my office space, set up my desk, purchase my copier, fax and postage machine and I am in business for myself. Goodbye to my emotional rollercoaster in the corporate world.

I have chosen to be an Event/Wedding Planner. I love planning things and I feel that this is right up my alley. I am happy with my choice. All my business comes from word of mouth through effective networking. I don‘t have the fabulous platinum weddings yet or the black tie high society events but I know they are coming soon.

―Recent research on self-employment has emphasized the specific dynamic of the rise of female entrepreneurship. But self-employment is still dominated by men. Only about 25-30% of the self-employed are women and the female self-employment rate is often only half as high as the male self-employment rate.”

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