Run Your Career as a Business ..... By Rod Colon

Who are the most important people in your life?

The most popular answer to that question is: “My family.” For most of us, “family” represents those individuals who believe in us and trust us to provide them with the necessities of life.

I now ask you to begin thinking of your family as your Personal Board of Directors. These are the people to whom you have the greatest responsibility and who will benefit the most from your successful job search. They are also the individuals who endure hardship if your search is unproductive and there’s no other source of income. Put another way, your Personal Board of Directors deserves to have you working at nothing less than peak performance during your search.

That’s why learning to detach from the grip of The Black Hole is so essential. While The Black Hole is a no-brainier to use, that personal comfort level comes with a steep price tag: no acknowledgment of resumes and cover letters, no status updates via e-mail or phone calls, and no invitations for interviews … just to name a few. And getting miserable results like that does nothing to support your Personal Board of Directors.

I don’t know about you, but if I’m in a job search and I have a choice between an approach that’s easy to use but lightweight on results or a methodology that requires me to work hard but produces consistently favorable results, I’ll go with the more demanding option every time. Why? There’s simply far too much at stake.

To get started and overcome the addictive force of The Black Hole and Black Hole-style thinking, I require all new members of the ETP Network to commit wholeheartedly to the following paradigm:

Each individual will promote himself or herself to the position of CEO of ME, Inc. and make a conscious decision to run his or her own career as a business.

What’s the benefit? By segmenting your job search into “branches” or “divisions” (e.g., Research & Development, Sales & Marketing, etc.) that correlate with a traditional corporate structure, you can train yourself to develop two key attributes that are missing from the Black Hole: personal accountability and workload distribution. Together they are an unbeatable combination compared to piling all tasks into one overstuffed filing cabinet in your brain — which often leads to chaos and the need to assign blame when the load becomes unmanageable.

This ME, Inc. paradigm is also the centerpiece for my 7-Step Job Search Methodology. The beauty of the program is that new ETP Network members learn how to integrate their business divisions into a meaningful, end-to-end process that’s sensible, manageable, and measurable; that’s right — you can develop metrics that will tell you if you’re making progress and help you pinpoint any disconnects.

About the ETP Network (Empowering Today’s Professionals)

The ETP Network has engineered an entirely new type of job search built on four key interrelated goals. Members will:

1. Develop and refine all networking skills

2. Adopt the CEO of ME, Inc. mind-set

3. Create powerful and compelling value propositions to attract potential employers

4. Use a precise, step-by-step approach that leverages the connecting power of advocates to help you “network your way” to key people in the hiring process

The power of this system is its ability to reduce the time between the next suitable opportunity and the call for an interview. It will help you connect the dots — but only if you work it properly. And that is a key point: first you need to learn it, then you need to “work it.”

I’d like to welcome you to this incredible organization. We are all about power networking, power business ownership, power value propositions, and an incredible new power job search methodology all rolled up into one.

Best wishes and keep networking alive,

Rod Colón
Chief Executive Officer

Empowering Today’s Professionals Network
Running the Business of "ME"

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