Tip 220 - The Ultimate Time Management Principle

Excellent tip by Keith Ferrazzi, author of the ETP networking bible "Never Eat Alone". Get a copy at www.etpnetwork.com >Readers are Leaders menu option.

As proud as I am of the program we created for Relationship Masters Academy, I’m even more proud of the content that’s being published there by users themselves.

Here's one idea I loved, the ultimate time-management principle: Always tell the truth. That wisdom was served up on the RMA forums by Jason Womack of the Womack Company.

Simple but powerful!

Think of how much easier everything would be if you just told the truth. You wouldn’t have to waste energy posturing, or track the little white lies. Even better: Think of how much easier everything would be if everyone else told the truth! Office politics would fade away and solutions would be achieved so much more quickly.

To wit: A 2008 study by Salary.com found that office politics were a time-wasting distraction for almost half of American workers. Pull yourself out of the political posturing and experience an immediate jump in focus and effectiveness!
John Smith, another RMA participant shared the following story in the forums:

“A long time ago I was a supervisor for the Air Force recruiting mission in central Iowa. The first piece of advice I provided to new recruiters was to tell the truth. Your integrity is yours and how others measure you. Telling the truth saved time, because we did not raise false expectations. We did not have to scramble to apologize or correct our mis-truths. When I started out my team was ranked 203/207 three years later we were consistently in the top 10. I believe our simple philosophy worked well.”

Being unfailingly honest not only builds character and integrity, it is also efficient!

As the old saying goes – honesty is (truly) the best policy. Do office politics waste your time at work? Share on the blog! Warmest, Keith --------

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