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Chapter 1
Welcome to the ETP Network
The ETP Network (Empowering Today’s Professionals) was established specifically to help individuals in transition find jobs. Find out the how’s, who’s, what’s and why’s of this amazing organization and its Founder and CEO, Mr. Rod Colón.

Chapter 2
The Machinery: Build, Track and Maintain Your Network
The modern day job search is built on the machinery of networking. If you’re new to networking, this chapter gives you the basics, beginning with the art of small talk all the way up to the development of a warm, trusted network.

Chapter 3
The Mentality: Run Your Career as a Business
Once you start the network machinery running, the next step is training yourself to think of your job search as a business with you as its CEO. All of the decisions affecting your job search begin and end with you and you will learn the fine art of taking responsibility for them.

Chapter 4
The Magnet: Your Value Proposition
As you begin to identify opportunities that look like a good fit for you, you’ll learn how to develop a solid value proposition (the job description, a “targeted resume” and a special cover letter called a “T-Letter”). This is the magnet that will attract employers to you.

Chapter 5
The Methodology: The 7-Step Job Search Methodology
The centerpiece of my Job Search System is a precisely-engineered 7-Step Job Search Methodology. You will locate perfectly matched opportunities, find and leverage advocates within the company using polished networking skills, and submit your value proposition

Chapter 6
The Hidden Job Market
Many individuals who are looking for jobs are unaware that there is a Hidden Job Market! The Hidden Job Market consists of positions that have not been advertised and positions that don’t yet exist undefined because the employer has not yet realized the need for the position!

Chapter 7
The Interview and Negotiations
Discover the secrets that will make you shine during an interview. Yes, there is significant preparation; but this list of tips has been assembled from years of experience as a hiring manager. These are the tips and techniques that provide the inside track to effective interviews.

Chapter 8
Once You’ve Landed
The time to put new energy into your networking activities is when you're offered a new position. Ironically, this is exactly when many people abandon their networks only to discover their mistake later when they need help and their networks have withered.

Chapter 9
Putting It All Together and Troubleshooting
Networking, the CEO of ME, Inc., the Value Proposition, and the 7-Step Job Search Methodology: You learned them as separate pieces; now it’s time to put them all together so that the whole program makes sense. This is where we’ll do some extensive troubleshooting, too.

Chapter 10
Social Networking: Be A Part Of It!
The explosion of social media and social networking web sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook demands that those in the race for 21st century jobs remain well-connected. Networking makes my system work; social networking sites are places to make new connections

Chapter 11
The Awesome Power of Attitude and Behavior
If there is any true obstacle to overcome in learning my Job Search Methodology, it’s the battle that must be fought in your own mind to embrace and adopt all its components. Getting your attitude and behavior “in line” is the key step in helping you to win the race.

Chapter 12
Break Away From The Pack
Everyone has unique talents and abilities, but not everyone knows how to draw them out and leverage them for success in the business world. In Chapter 12, you’ll discover how you can differentiate yourself from the competition and break away from the pack. Most importantly, you’ll get a sense of just where the “finish line” in the race for 21st century jobs really is!
Beyond ME, Inc.Just when you thought the story was over there’s a whole new beginning undefined and it’s got “business success” written all over it! After establishing yourself as a winner in the race for 21st century jobs, find out what it takes to leverage your victory into profitable business ventures.

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