Actionable Items for Getting Back to Work: The Job Search Process

The job search process can be a mystery for people returning to work after a long absence from the work place or for those who have found themselves in the middle of a stalled search. The following is a quick outline of steps to help guide you if you are wondering where to begin or have gotten off track.

1.Determine which skills you prefer to use, are current, you are good at, and are marketable or competitive, based on current market conditions. (Get guidance for this if you are unsure).

- Set goals with clear objectives and time lines
- Get clear about your financial commitments and develop a budget

2.Expand your network to:
- Learn more information about skills (see #1)
- Learn more about an industry
- Develop leads to learn about companies’ needs and potential new opportunities

3.Create a "Master Resume” (Get help if you need it)
- Keep your resume and LinkedIn profile updated with new training or projects, and make sure they are relevant for what you are pursuing
- Tailor a resume from your "master" to fit each/ every position you pursue

4.Prepare for interviews:
- Research to learn all that you can about a company or position (see #2)
- Write out answers to frequently asked questions (in your field.)

Completing these steps will ensure you will be competing as strongly as you are able. Omitting any of them can inhibit your ability to effectively compete, no matter what you apply for. In addition to the actionable items to pursue, the following are some basic behaviors to employ or change to make sure you can compete in a tough market.

•Get up and be ready to work before 7:30 AM
•Work evenings or weekends as necessary
•Be flexible
•Exhibit a high level of urgency
•Be willing to face change
•Show your ability to overcome and solve problems
•Possess clear communication skills
•Maintain a positive attitude

The bad economy doesn’t have to paralyze you. Although there isn’t a magic pill that will make you instantly employed, the process isn’t rocket science. Creating a plan and managing your time and attitude are key elements to accomplishing more and succeeding in a competitive market. If you don’t try this recipe, then you won’t know, will you?

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