Post Interview Thank –You Note

Even if you make you initial follow-up by telephone, you should send a brief thank-you letter or e-mail message within 48 hours of your interview to be sure your message is received during the decision-making stage. (The body of a thank-you e-mail is similar to that of a thank-you letter.)

You should write a thank you - note to every person who interviewed you. The letters can be basically the same, but try to vary each one in case the recipients compare notes. If you’ve already made a telephone call, do not restate your qualifications in this message; just thank the interviewer, with no strings attached! Send a thank-you note even if you’re sure the job is not for you.

The thank-you letter brings your name before the interviewer in a favorable light one more time, reinforcing your name in his or her mind. It also provides a positive written record of you in the employer’s files.

If the interviewer prefers that you follow up in writing or if you think your interview performance was weak in any area and follow-up is important to getting hired, send a more complete follow-up letter. This letter should include the following:

1. A reference to your interview and the position you are seeking

2. Clarification of any pertinent information omitted during your interview

3. A brief version of you 60-Second Branding Statement

4. A thank-you for the interview’s time

5. A statement of enthusiasm for the job

6. Encouragement of a speedy hiring decision

The follow-up letter provides a permanent written record of your qualifications and professional courtesy. The employer can review it any time, making it an effective way to keep your “brand” running.

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