Best Home Based Business For Career Women

Career women have what other women do not have: a deep knowledge of their profession. This they can convert into information by publishing it on the web, then convert that content into targeted traffic and income.

The following information will assist career women to start a "customized" internet based home business. The best of the best home based business.

(1) Start From Your Career/Work Experience: Don't look outside, look inward. Your career information is your product. Your work experience has already equipped your to be a net consultant. All you need is the know-how and the right tools. You don't even need much money to start.

(2) Brainstorm Your Career-related Profitable Topics: Search for keywords and key phrases, which are often searched upon but are rarely targeted by websites. Your career itself may not be a profitable topic.

For example: If you are a teacher, surfers may not search for teachers or teaching, but they may look for related topics like career counseling, best school program for kids, improving child learning ability, building right attitude to learning, etc These are information that a teacher can easily provide. Once you locate a profitable topic make it your site theme or concept.

(3) Build A Website For Your Profitable Topic/Site Theme: For you to have a successful internet based home business you need a professional-looking website.
You don't need to have a prior knowledge of this (no html, or programming knowledge), with a multi-purpose business building tools like SiteBuildIt you can do site building, site hosting, site marketing, etc at one-single-minimum price.

(4) Get Free Targeted traffic With Good Content: When you follow the steps above, and with the right tool. You don't need to do any advertisement, people will look for you because you are providing the information they want.

The secrets?, don't write sales letters, provide good, quality, hard-to-ignore info on your well-known subject.

Develop trust and confidence by writing with your visitors best interest in mind. Identify their problems and identify why your solutions is the right solution.

You will build the best of home based businesses by this act of "preselling." You can get the book "Make Your Content To Presell" by Ken Envoy to help you in this area.

Most surfers look for information from search engines, so write to make your contents search engines friendly so that it is included in the top 10-20 results. the right business-building tool can do this for you.

(5) Turn Your Traffic Into Revenue: Smoothly introduce your site visitors to your revenue offers, these are products, services that help your site visitors to get the solutions that they seek, and to also generate multiple streams of income for you. They must include:

(a) Google Adsense:Visitors click on your Google Ads, generating money for you.

(b) Affiliate Programs of merchants who sell related goods or services to your theme.

(c) Referrer/finder Arrangements: Special offers for offline business.

(d) Other models for your long term goals(ex., e-goods, etc).

With these steps and the right tools you concentrate on doing what you love, generate multiple streams of income and build the best of home based businesses.

by: TopeNelson Ola

About The Author

TopeNelson Ola is a Business Building and Marketing Expert. His website located at reveals the easiest way to net business building, and the perfect business building tool. You can also download free ebooks on Netwriting, Trafficking, etc.

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