5 Ways To Get The Word Out About Your Business

Dear Felicia,

I am an events sponsorship consultant. I advise entrepreneurs on how to save money on events and in their businesses. With entrepreneurship on the rise, and bank loans declining, I would like entrepreneurs to know that there is a solution to achieving their dreams and goals without going into debt. Do you have any suggestions on how I can spread the word?

Roberta V.

via email

Dear Roberta,

Yes, there are lots of ways to spread the word about the valuable services you offer. Here are five to get you started:

1. Write: Write an article every week or every month and submit it to an article bank like ezinearticles.com or ideamarketers.com. These websites generate a lot of traffic so when people enter key words or phrases into Google or other search engines, if the words they have entered are in any article on these sites, then it is likely to show up high in the search results. The article they view could be yours!

2. Read: Read blogs and magazines related to your area of expertise. Post comments every week or write to the authors of the articles and offer to provide data or information for their next article. Make yourself a go-to resource and you can get publicity for your business.

3. Use social media. Even though millions of people and businesses are on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, most businesses still don’t use these resources effectively, but you can. The key is to be relevant and useful. Tweet and post on Facebook and LinkedIn the top three to five points in each of your articles, and ask people what they think about them. Also, as you are reading the blogs and magazines I previously mentioned, tweet and post on Facebook and LinkedIn the insights and data points that jump out at you. You will become known as a wealth of information on events sponsorship.

4. Present a webinar. Offer a free webinar about how sponsorship can boost the success of an event and the marketing efforts of a small business. You can use a free service like anymeeting.com. At the end of the webinar, offer a free consultation to anyone who wants to learn how to apply the information you have shared to their specific business. At the end of the one-on-one consultation, sell the person your event sponsorship services.

5. Post your slides for more traffic. Upload a few of your slides from your webinar for free to slideshare.com. On the last slide indicate that a person can see the full presentation for free by registering for your next free webinar. Provide a link for them to do so. The e-mail addresses you capture from doing this will create a nice list of leads you can follow up on.

Notice how each of these marketing and publicity activities is integrated so you’re repurposing the same content. This is how you do the work of creating the information one time and then use it in various formats to “spread the word” over and over again.

Good luck!

Grace & Peace,

Felicia Joy

Article Posted by The Atlanta Post

Felicia Joy is a nationally recognized entrepreneur who created $50 million in value for the various organizations and companies she served in corporate America before launching her business enterprise. She is often called on to discuss the ins and outs of entrepreneurial success and has appeared on CNN, FOX and in other national press. Felicia operates Ms. CEO Inc., a company that helps women entrepreneurs achieve more success, faster — as well as Joy Group International, LLC, a business development and consulting firm. Send her your questions at ask@feliciajoy.biz or www.twitter.com/feliciajoy.

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