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Volvo is known for safety. Lexus is known for luxury. What are you known for?

If you’re a strategic, forward-thinking professional, you need a strong and spontaneous answer to that question. Whatever it is you’re known for is the foundation of your brand.

You may think “I’m a CFO … that’s my brand.” No … that’s not your brand, that’s your title. What kind of CFO are you? Whatever attributes make you unique and special contribute heavily to your brand identity … and those are the qualities you must reveal in everything you do in order to establish your brand and attract others to you.

On the other hand, you might be thinking: “I don’t need branding … my skills and experience stand on their own merit.” But skills and experience alone can’t help you to achieve your goals. Why?

The global workforce is enormous … you have competitors who continually increase their visibility by seeding perceptions of quality and value … all because they recognize the long-term investment and return on building a well-recognized and highly trusted brand.

Branding helps you to land jobs and opportunities by making you uniquely attractive to consumers. And being valued by consumers translates directly to a healthy bottom line.

It’s all very simple: Think about what you want to be known for and let branding help you stand out from a sea of competition.

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